A co-op sandbox survival game that combines exploration, scavenging, fort building, monster waves, crafting, and other elements from popular video game genres.

Epic Games

Unreal Engine 4

Release Date:
July 2017


The game originated in an internal game jam in 2011 and has since grown into a full-scale, multi year effort that drove much of the development of Unreal Engine 4 and its tool set.

As a Sr. Engine Programmer on the Tools Team, I mainly participated in the development of the tools used to create the game, including Unreal Editor and Unreal Frontend. I also helped developing and improving the Slate UI framework that is used for the in-game user interface.

Fortnite introduced a number of new Engine features, such as large open world rendering and fully destructive environments. As a member of the Platform Team, I was responsible for analyzing, and to some extent improving the run-time performance of these features. I also maintained the infrastructure that automatically deploys nightly builds to developers and play test computers.

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