The vault is where I keep various bits and pieces that I reference from time to time. Some of it is very old and outdated. Feel free to dig around, but don’t leave a mess!



Occasionally, I find the time to experiment with random stuff.

Projects (Old)

The following modules for the Nim programming language are updated only sporadically or have been abandoned due to lack of time.

  • egl - Bindings for EGL, the native platform interface for rendering APIs
  • eyex - Bindings for the Tobii EyeX eye tracking SDK
  • freenect - Bindings for libfreenect (Kinect for Windows v2)
  • gaze - Bindings for the Tobii Gaze eye tracking SDK
  • gles - Bindings for OpenGL ES, the embedded 3D graphics library
  • isense - Bindings for the InterSense SDK
  • leap - Bindings for the Leap Motion SDK
  • libusb - Bindings for libusb (USB device access)
  • myo - Bindings for the Thalmic Labs Myo gesture control armband SDK
  • oculus - Bindings for the Oculus VR SDK
  • serialport - Bindings for libserialport
  • sixense - Bindings for the Sixense Core API
  • spacenav - Bindings for libspnav (3Dconnexion device driver)
  • vulkan - Bindings for the Vulkan graphics API

The following Unreal Engine 4 plug-ins are no longer maintained by me, and support is now handled by Epic Games.

  • CommandletPlugin - Demonstrates how to implement a commandlet
  • ExrMedia - Media Framework plug-in for EXR image sequences
  • GDC2016 - Communication aspects of the McLaren demo at GDC 2016
  • HoverPlugin - Hover effect components
  • LogiLed - Logitech LED illumination keyboards integration
  • NdiMedia - Media Framework plug-in for NewTek NDI
  • TextAsset - Adds a text asset and editor for personal notes
  • VlcMedia - Media Framework plug-in using the Video LAN Codec (libvlc)
  • WindowsMessageHandlerExample - IWindowsMessageHandler API example

Projects (Really Old)

The following projects are 15+ years old and only here for sake of completeness. Use at your own risk!

Retro Gaming