Name: Gerke Max Preussner
Email: hello@gmpreussner.com
Phone: +1 919 480 2424
Twitter: @gmpreussner

GitHub: github.com/gmpreussner
Portfolio: gmpreussner.com/portfolio
Pinterest: pinterest.com/gmpreussner
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gmpreussner
SlideShare: slideshare.net/GerkeMaxPreussner

Since 1998 I have directed, led and implemented the technical aspects of over 70 projects with budgets ranging from some ten thousand to several million dollars. In Summer 2018 I created my own consulting company that helps other studios and institutions succeed with Unreal Engine technology.

Historically, I specialize in the design and implementation of software frameworks, and the integration of hardware and software components into game engines. In recent years my focus has shifted to game console and tools development. I also have experience developing e-commerce and web sites.

I have a strong background in object-oriented design patterns, primarily in C++ and C#, and I am continuously learning other methodologies, such as test-driven development, functional programming and domain-driven design for robust, highly reusable, extensible and maintainable software.

In my free time I like to explore non-mainstream programming languages, graph databases and machine learning. I'm very passionate about software architecture and user interface design. I actively engage in fine arts and philosophy. I am also a devoted philatelist.


University of Rostock

M.S. Computer Science
- (6 yrs)
Rostock, Germany

Studied computer science with a minor in computer graphics and media technologies.

  • Two academic and two industry internships
  • Thesis: Efficient Storage of Imposter Textures for the Real-time Rendering of Complex 3D Scenes
  • Grade: Summa cum laude

Student Assistant
- (2.6 yrs)
Rostock, Germany

Assisted several research projects in web and embedded systems, and provided supplementary work for post-graduate theses.

  • Institute for Technical Computer Science, Prof. Tavangarian
  • Institute for Technical Computer Science, Dr.-Ing. Hochberger


Headcrash Industries

Founder & CEO

Helping game & simulation companies succeed with Unreal Engine.

  • Technical support, code reviews & bug fixing
  • Engine upgrades, customization & tools development
  • Hardware, software & plug-in integration
  • Porting to console, mobile & VR platforms
  • Infrastructure & workflow improvements
  • Performance analysis & optimization
  • Online & on-site training

Epic Games

Sr. Engine Programmer (Sequencer Team)
- April 2018 (2.9 yrs)
Cary, NC, USA

Designed and implemented Unreal Engine 4's cinematic and media tools.

  • Created the initial production version of the Sequencer cinematic tool set from a prototype and prepared it for development by multiple programmers
  • Designed and implemented the Media Framework API
  • Implemented media player plug-ins for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, NDI, PS4, Switch, VLC, Windows, and XboxOne
  • Implemented pixel and color space conversion shaders
  • Added support for media streaming and real-time video compositing
  • Extended core engine features for asynchronous programming, container and value types, time management
  • Participated in creation of several technology demos and short films

Sr. Engine Programmer (Tools Team)
- (1.4 yrs)
Cary, NC, USA

Helped design and implement Unreal Engine 4's development environment.

  • Improved and extended the Slate user interface framework
  • Contributed to the improvement of the Unreal Editor tools suite
  • Designed and implemented unified settings API for Editor and game projects
  • Introduced various new programming concepts to the Engine core
  • Restructured and modularized Engine code base into plug-ins
  • Helped design the Unreal Engine Launcher application
  • Presented training materials at various conferences
  • Supported licensees and industry partners

Sr. Engine Programmer (Platform Team)
- (2 yrs)
Cary, NC, USA

Made the world's best video game engine available on next generation game consoles and mobile devices (Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360).

  • Designed and implemented device management and deployment tools
  • Designed and implemented message bus infrastructure
  • Helped implementing performance profiling tools
  • Ported HLSL shaders to AGAL to run Unreal Engine in Flash
  • Developed and maintained automated build system and CIS infrastructure
  • Worked on distributed render farm, and crash analysis and reporting
  • Implemented automated testing framework & unit tests

Finger Puppet Games

Co-Founder & VP of Technology
- (1 year)
Cary, NC, USA

Created a startup company for entertainment video games with tactile, social and collectible elements.

  • Game programming using Unreal Engine 3 for iOS and Android
  • Established company's technological server infrastructure
  • Programmed game middleware and back-end systems
  • Supported all areas of business development and corporate strategies

Virtual Heroes / ARA

Technical Director
- (4 yrs)
Raleigh, NC, USA

Led the company's software engineering team with focus on rapid prototyping, development and systems integration in the field of Serious Games.

  • Developed prototypes and full-scale programs for over two dozen military, medical, educational and commercial immersive simulation applications
  • Designed and developed company's proprietary rapid-prototyping game framework and middleware for the HumanSim and SimWars platforms
  • Integrated motion platforms, auto-stereoscopic and AR displays
  • Integrated and extended human physiology simulation engine
  • Software components integration and tools development
  • Supported production and business development teams with technical feedback, cost estimates and hiring
  • Supported company's appearances at various trade shows and conferences
  • Reverse and re-engineering of file formats and APIs

Sr. Software Engineer
- (9 mos)
Cary, NC, USA

Led the development of and implemented half a dozen Unreal Engine based Serious Games and game based simulation and virtual world applications.

  • Game logic, user interface, and back-end development
  • Integrated human interface devices and biometric sensors
  • Collaborated with clients and external partner companies
  • Prepared technical documentation and internal guidelines
  • Helped maintaining build system infrastructure

General Dynamics

Sr. Software Engineer
- (1.5 yrs)
Orlando, FL, USA

Worked on multiple applications for video game-based military training and simulation.

  • Designed and implemented the prototype of distributed convoy training simulator based on Unreal Engine gaming technology
  • Created world's first fully integrated LVC simulator
  • Directed collaborative effort of all internal and external development teams, including LaserShot, Electronic Warfare Associates and Saab
  • Integrated various technologies such as JCATS, Janus, FBCB2, OTBSAF, MetaVR, LaserShot, Polhemus, and 3D terrain databases
  • Upgraded and integrated the RWA helicopter simulator
  • Designed and implemented DIS/HLA middleware for game based simulators
  • Implemented the Convoy Leadership Decision Trainer (CLDT)
  • Prepared and conducted technical aspects of the company's appearance at NGAUS and I/ITSEC conferences
  • Installed and maintained project's technical infrastructure

Atlantis Cyberspace

Project Lead
- (6 mos)
Orlando, FL, USA

Continued to develop VR applications for military tactical combined arms simulation and training.

  • Supervised on-site team of developers
  • Ported the video game America's Army to the company's VR middleware
  • Integrated various hardware and software components, such as MAK GameLink, Polhemus Liberty, Anteon Mobile MOUT, Immersion CyberGlove, and wireless weapon systems
  • Integrated military training simulations Janus and JCATS via DIS
  • Created 3D replicas of buildings from real world blueprints
  • Prepared and conducted technical aspects of the company's appearance at NGAUS and I/ITSEC conferences

Lead Programmer (Contractor)
- (2 mos)
Honolulu, HI, USA

Helped transition the company's VR platform from entertainment to military training applications.

  • Implemented physics based vehicle simulation in America's Army game
  • Added vehicle support to IGS system
  • Implemented and adapted application specific video game code and content

Lead Programmer
- (8 mos)
Honolulu, HI, USA

Developed software and components for the company's IGS system, which was a virtual reality platform for theme parks.

  • Supervised on-site team of developers
  • Ported the video games Quake, Quake 3, Unreal and Unreal Tournament for use in VR applications
  • Improved control center software
  • Maintained company's technical infrastructure

Kamehan Studios

Sr. Game Developer
- (2.6 yrs)
Paris, France

Programmer, Graphics Artist and Level Designer for the then popular video game TacticalOps: Assault on Terror, which was released by Atari in . I worked on this part time while getting my master's degree in computer science.

  • Designed and implemented various aspects of the game
  • Helped transition the game from game mod to commercial release
  • Created and maintained German community website tactical-ops.de
  • Created and maintained product website tactical-ops.to

Infineon Technologies

Software Engineer
- (6 mos)
Munich, Germany

Worked as a web frontend and backend developer on the company's e-commerce platform in an international team of around twenty people.

  • Developed, implemented and documented web components in JSP
  • Introduced concepts and development methods to increase efficiency
  • Designed web and software prototypes
  • Created learning materials


Throughout my career I have worked with and used a large number of frameworks, paradigms, platforms, technologies, and tools.

Art: Blender, Gimp, InkScape, Paint.net, Photoshop

Compilers: Clang, CodeBlocks, Delphi, GCC, IDA Pro, SoftICE, Visual Studio, Xcode

Databases: MongoDB, mySQL, Neo4j, SQL Server

Game Engines: Quake, RWA, Unreal Engine, Vicious Engine

Graphics: AGAL, DirectX, HLSL, OpenGL, Vulkan

GUI: Cocoa, MFC, Qt, Scaleform, Slate, Swing, Ultimate++, VCL, WinForms, WPF, wxWidgets

Integrations (Hardware): 3Dconnexion, ACS Motion Control, CyberGlove, EmSense, InterSense, LaserShot, Leap Motion, Logitech 3Dx & LED, OrganicMotion, Kinect, Myo, Novint, Philips WOWvx, Polhemus, RF smart tags

Integrations (Software): ASC, AVF, Bink, MAK GameLink & VRLink, Newtek NDI, ODBC, RoQ, Scaleform, Soar AI, Steam, Umbra Culling, WMF

Languages: English (bilingual), German (native), Russian (beginner), Spanish (beginner)

Office: Google, Libre, Microsoft, Visio

Operating Systems: AmigaOS, ArchLinux, Cisco, Gentoo, iOS, macOS, Solaris, Windows

Paradigms: Domain-driven, functional, object-oriented, reactive, test-driven

Platforms: Android, BeagleBone, Lynx, PC, PS3, PS4, PSP, Raspberry Pi, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Programming: Asm, Basic, C, C++, C#, D, Java, Haskell, Lisp, Lua, Nim, Pascal, Scala, UnrealScript

Project Management: Agile, Bugzilla, Doxygen, Hansoft, Project, Jira, Scrum, TTP

Simulation: DIS, FBCB2, HLA, Janus, JCATS, MetaVR, OneSAF, OTBSAF, SIMNET, VRLink

Version Control: Alienbrain, CVS, Git, Perforce, PVCS, Subversion, Team Foundation, VSS

Web: Apache, ASP (.NET, MVC), Blend, BroadVision, CGI, CQRS, CSS, eCRM, Entity Framework, Flash, Grav, HTML, IIS, JavaScript, Java Servlets, Json, JSP, LINQ, NGINX, osCommerce, PHP, Silverlight, VBScript, WCF, Wordpress, XML/XSL/XSLT


Best Game Engine
~ Develop Industry Excellence Awards

Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity

Best Real-time Graphics and Interactivity

Best Game Engine
~ Develop Industry Excellence Awards

Best Game Engine
~ Game Developer Magazine

Best Tech of E3
~ Game Informer

Best Tools Provider
~ Develop Industry Excellence Awards

Coolest Tech of E3

Group Achievement Award for "Moonbase Alpha" Game

Serious Games Gold Medal for "RoboMath" game
~ International Serious Play Awards

Technical Achievement Award for DARPA ULTRA-Vis
~ Applied Research Associates

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award
~ Virtual Heroes / ARA

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Winner for "Moonbase Alpha" Game
~ I/ITSEC Conference

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award
~ Virtual Heroes / ARA

Business Excellence Award for "Pamoja Mtaani" Game
~ Global Business Coalition

Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Performance and Contribution
~ Anteon Corporation / General Dynamics

Finalist in "Codeblue" Programming Contest
~ American Express

"Make Something Unreal" Contest Winner for "Tactical Ops"
~ Epic Games