Projects (Really Old)

MekTek Hudpatch Extractor

A utility for extracting files from MekTek Hudpatch archives.


In 2002 the MekTek Development team released a utility called Hudpatch 3 that allows for patching selected data files (such as textures) within .mw4 content packages of the popular computer game Mechwarrior 4. The main purpose is to replace certain elements of the head-up display (HUD) in order to enhance the game experience.

The Hudpatch utility itself uses a certain unpublished archive format containing the files to be patched (so called .tek files). In order to add your own modifications to patches provided by MekTek (e.g. BlackKnight and Vengeance map grid patches) or by other developers (e.g. the Energy HUD by Insomniax) it is necessary to be able to extract the files from the patch.

I wrote TekEx, a small tool to open and unpack .tek patch archives. The source code got lost long ago, but I recently found a compiled executable in old web server backups.