Adding Email-enabled SharePoint 2010 Lists to Exchange 2010 Address Book

After a long struggle you finally have successfully configured SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 to support email-enabled lists and folders on SharePoint, and now you’re trying to figure out how to get convenient access to those email addresses from within Outlook or other email clients. This article describes how to end your day on a happy note.

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Email-enabling SharePoint Lists

The rest of this article assumes that you have already successfully configured SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 for email-enabled lists and folders. There are several tutorials available on the internet, but the best one I found is on SharePoint George.

Two common pitfalls not listed in the guide are:

The ‘Configure Incoming E-Mail Settings’ page on SharePoint shows an error
Check the Windows Event Application Log for the network port the page is trying to use. An additional Alternate Access Mapping may be needed in SharePoint, i.e. to http://localhost:57884/.

Everything seems to work, except the emails never arrive inside SharePoint
Make sure that the firewall on the SharePoint server does not block port 25, and make sure the SMTP server on the SharePoint host does allow access from the Exchange server IP address.

Exposing SharePoint List Email Addresses

The best way to make the SharePoint email addresses available in Outlook address books is to publish them in an Address List in Exchange. By specifying an appropriate filter for the recipients, all existing and future addresses on the SharePoint server can automatically captured from the Active Directory. Unfortunately, the Exchange Management Console does not provide a way of entering custom filters when creating new address lists, therefore the only alternative is to use the Exchange Management Shell.

The command for creating the address list is as follows:

New-AddressList -Name SharePoint -RecipientFilter {ExternalEmailAddress -like "*@SERVERNAME*"}

SERVERNAME is the host name of your server. Of course, you can also use a fully-qualified domain name if your server is on the internet.

Final Notes

The command should confirm by showing the details for the newly created address list. In the Exchange Management Console you can go to Organization Configuration → Mailbox → Address Lists, double-click the SharePoint list and click the Preview button on the first page of the wizard to confirm that the SharePoint email address are actually being added using the provided filter.

The new address list is immediately available in the Address Book of Outlook Web Access. It may take a few minutes or a restart to become available in Outlook.