Named Pipe Support Broken in PHP 5.3.x on Windows

Named pipe support is apparently broken in PHP 5.3.x on Windows.

Tags: database infrastructure mysql php


When upgrading from PHP 5.2.x or earlier the following error message may appear in the PHP error log:

PHP Warning:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>
    function.mysql-connect</a>]: php_network_getaddresses:
    getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known.


There is no solution at the time of this writing. The workaround is to enable TCP/IP networking in MySQL and modify mysql_connect() to connect to localhost instead. To enable TCP/IP connections, comment out or remove the following line in the my.ini configuration file for MySQL:


It is also recommended to limit incoming MySQL connections to localhost, if applicable:


Please note that the default port for MySQL Server is 3306, and you may have to update your server’s firewall settings accordingly.

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The problem was first pointed out on the php-bugs mailing list. It has also been noted in the user comments of the official PHP manual. A fix is not planned for PHP 5.3.x, but may be forthcoming for PHP 5.4.x or later according to the bug report.

An in-depth tutorial on securing MySQL Server on Windows can be found on the MySQL Developer Zone.