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A collection of articles on various topics that interest me. Written mostly in order to document my own solutions to problems, and published in the hope that they may help others save some time.


WordPress Could Not Create Directory, Plugin Upgrade Failed On IIS

Upgrading plug-ins in Wordpress 5.2.x or 5.3.x may fail on IIS 7 due to a bug in the Windows Cache Extension for PHP.

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Using WP Super Cache with IIS 7

If you are lucky enough to have attracted some traffic on your WordPress blog, you may find yourself stuck with an overloaded web server that gets bombarded from links on Google, Digg or Twitter.

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Local SMTP Mail Relay with IIS 6.0

Allow your IIS hosted web sites to send emails via local SMTP relays.

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Asynchronous Streaming Reverse Proxy for IIS 6.0

I recently started to use Subsonic on my Windows Home Server to make my music collection available over the internet. Subsonic must be configured to run on a port other than port 80, because this port is already used by the IIS web server. This is a major inconvenience, because it may prevent you from accessing the media from firewall restricted networks, and it will make the URLs to your media server somewhat more ugly. In order to get around these two problems, IIS has to serve as a proxy for the server.

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