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A collection of articles on various topics that interest me. Written mostly in order to document my own solutions to problems, and published in the hope that they may help others save some time.


Unreal Engine Cannot find metahost.h and typeinfo.h

Upgrading Visual Studio to v16.3 breaks Unreal Engine 4.23 compilation. Here's a temporary workaround if you don't want to modify the Engine.

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25 More Amazing UE4 ArchVis Projects

The third batch of real-time architectural visualization projects in UE4.

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Adding New Asset Types to UE4

Adding custom asset types is an important, yet underused feature in Unreal Engine 4. This article shows how to accomplish this task and offers some deeper insights into the various APIs.

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Another 25 Amazing ArchVis Projects in UE4

The second batch of real-time architectural visualization projects in UE4.

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Why Your Idea Might Not Make It Into UE4

So many ideas, so little time. If you came up with suggestions for cool new features in UE4 and wonder why they’re still not done, read on!

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Hooking into the Windows Message Queue in UE4

I recently came across several community projects that try to process Windows messages by hacking the Engine’s message loop, but there is a better way. Earlier this year I added the IWindowsMessageHandler API, which does not require any Engine code changes and keeps your plug-in self-contained.

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25 Absolutely Stunning ArchVis Projects in UE4

A selection of architectural visualization projects released by UE4 users in the recent months.

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