Tactical Ops

TacticalOps, originally named S.W.A.T. is an online multiplayer first person shooter that started as a modification of the popular PC computer game Unreal Tournament.

Kamehan Studios

Unreal Engine 1

Release Date:
November 2000


In TacticalOps, a total of thirtytwo players face each other in ficticious terrorists vs. special forces scenarios. The game was heavily influenced by the then already popular video game Counter-Strike, but traded the latter's realism for fast paced action.

The game featured several modes, including hostage rescue, bomb planting, security console hacking, team escape, and traditional capture the flag. At the beginning of each game, players were able to purchase weapons and equipment using cash earned for accomplishing missions during the previous rounds. Several rounds of a map are played in a row in order to determine the winning team. A in-game voting system selected the next map to be played on the server.

After experimenting with my own code modifications of Quake and Unreal Tournament for a little over a year, I joined the TacticalOps team in 2000 to help with game programming, user interface, and level design needs. It consisted of a group of enthusiasts from all over the world, and all communication and project management took place online.

During this time I also started to design and implement the game's official website for the German speaking community. After a spectular rise in popularity, particularly in Europe and Asia, our team released a technically more sophisticated version.

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