Tactical Ops 2

The second version of a multiplayer first-person shooter game modification for Unreal Tournament.

Kamehan Studios

Unreal Engine 1

Release Date:
July 2001


With the continued success of the original TacticalOps modification for Unreal Tournament, our development team decided to focus on a new version that would result in many bug fixes and numerous improvements to the core gameplay. With Tactical Ops 2.2 release, the game eventually reached the peak of popularity in Europe and Asia.

Due to my ongoing studies at university and several internships, my time to work on the game became increasingly limited. I spent most of it improving the game's user interface and supporting the German speaking community by implementing and administrating the official web site and forums. In mid 2001 I gave an interview on German television.

During this time I also started working on a new map: TO-TerrorMansion. It had many innovative features, such as destructible windows and decorations, reflective mirrors, interactive doors, and detailed lighting and shadows. The map was primarily meant as a tech demo for users with above average computers, and it officially shipped in the game's commercial release.